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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Ali Baba Acquired Pakistan's e-Commerce Giant

Karachi (Routers) - Alibaba Group has bought the entire share capital of Rocket Internet's South Asian ecommerce platform Daraz Group, Daraz Ceo' Bjarke Mikelson & Jonathan Doer Announced on Tuesday Morning.
It did not disclose financial details.
Daraz, founded in Pakistan in 2012, operates online marketplaces in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The unit will continue to operate under the same brand following the sale to Alibaba, Rocket said.
Rumors of a deal have been rife for the past couple of months.The deal is part of Alibaba’s second wave of international expansions which see it enter South Asia.
The company initially focused on India — where it has backed Paytm — and Southeast Asia with Lazada, but this year it has spread its wings into lower profile but hugely populous countries in South Asia. Pakistan, for example, has a population of over 190 million. The acquisition of Daraz follows a fintech investment from Alibaba affiliate Ant Financial, which runs Alipay and other Alibaba financial services.
Back in March, Ant paid $184.5 million for a 45 percent stake in Telenor Microfinance Bank, a fintech division from Norwegian operator Telenor, which operates Pakistan’s second largest telco. That one-two punch of e-commerce and fintech (particularly payments) is a common move from Alibaba-Ant, which has made similar deals in India and across Southeast Asia.
Beyond Pakistan, it looks like Alibaba is also eying nearby Bangladesh, which has a popular of over 160 million and rising internet adoption.
According to reports last month, the Chinese firm is pushing to buy a 20 percent chunk of payment firm bKash, a move that would again push its reach deeper into South Asia.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Chinese to Acquire Pakistan Post through hostile takeover

After failing to acquire TCS , Chinese firm is interested in Acquiring State Owned Pakistan Post by investing $1 billion under its reform agenda to become a profitable entity.

Pakistan Post has embarked on a comprehensive reform agenda to become profitable. These reforms include: (i) Establishment of Mobile Money Transfer Solution (ii) Pakistan Post Logistics Company and (iii) Re-Branding of Pakistan Post.

Briefing the Senate Standing committee on Communications, Director General Pakistan Post said that a Chinese Company has shown interest to invest $1 billion in the logistic project, besides connecting it with China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). However, it will be carried out through Public Private Partnership and open bidding process. Committee chairman Daud Khan Achakzai said that that the reported company also approached him and showed its interest in investment.

The committee was further informed that feasibility study for the Mobile Money Solution project has been completed in partnership with Infrastructure Project Development Facility (IPDF) and the Request for Proposal (RFP) was approved by the Steering Committee.

RFP was published in the national newspaper on January 24, 2018 and it was also circulated to the companies who participated in the EoI published earlier. Pre-bid investors’ conference is scheduled on February 22, 2018.

The Committee expressed its displeasure over the insufficient staff at National Highway Authority offices in Balochistan and directed the NHA to appoint sufficient staff at lower and higher levels for efficient service delivery. The Committee was given a detailed briefing on the overall breakup of staff deputed in Balochistan.

The Committee also directed the NHA to repatriate the deputationists to their parent departments as per Supreme Court decisions. It was informed that the NHA is working on preparing a detailed report in this regard which will also be shared with the committee. Committee members observed that many officials in NHA are posted on deputation on nepotism, which is negatively affecting the performance.

The Committee expressed its concern over the delayed services of the postal service in Balochistan. The Committee was briefed that shortage of staff and security situation has hampered the efficient service delivery; however, new recruitment is being made under Aghaz e Haqooq Baluchistan and 171 posts in postal service department will be filled to improve the service delivery.

The committee expressed annoyance over non-implementation of its recommendations by the Finance Division with respect to Pakistan Post which could otherwise oust the entity from losses and asked them to attend the next meeting.

It is also noted that Rumors of Ali Baba acquiring is also in headlines.If Chinese take over Pakistan Post with Largest e-Commerce group than it will be a revolution in technological Sector, creating 5 million Jobs across country.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Daraz has become largest Site from Pakistan has become no.1 Site excluding social sites & Search engines.

Courtesy : Similar Web

Daraz is home to the a wide selection of fashion, electronics, home appliances, kids items and lots more - all at best prices. offers nationwide delivery directly to your home or office with innovative and convenient payment methods like cash on delivery.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Colorful Friday in Pakistan - Annual Grand Sale

In November 2015, started a trend of Grand Annual Sale in Pakistan by the name of BLACK FRIDAY.Every brand & their competitor adopted this concept and started their own White, Blue Friday.They give Lame reason regarding spiritual concept of this Holy Day.Most of the persons who raise finger towards its name hardly offer Friday prayers.While it is observed during this mega sale,mostly khalifa persons who has a issue with Black Friday shops most rather than other liberal guys.Even a person with Dark Skin has a problem with BLACK color of Friday.So he/She accept whatever racism they face from world is right.

Now come towards the concept of color BLACK associated with BLACK FRIDAY.So the world black comes from business term which associated with Early 17th century (as school slang, in the sense ‘Friday on which an examination is held’). The shopping sense dates from the 1960s and was originally used with reference to congestion created by shoppers; it was later explained as a day when retailers’ accounts went from being “in the red” to “in the black”.

Mostly retailers believes that as the sale started at 12:00 a.m Friday night as compare to normal day Sale that's why they call it as BLACK FRIDAY.

Islam never teaches to consider color black as hateful or dirty.Holy Kaba has a Black Color.Hazrat Bilal was Black Abyssinian.

Whereas in Ramadan , we observe these religious retailers who feels pain in their belly after listening the word BLACK FRIDAY, raised the prices of products so that they can live luxurious life entire year.However the adopted BLACK FRIDAY introduced in the western world to allow people having the products which they will need in the coming new year at best price.

So in the end , I want to say people who has problem with BLACK FRIDAY they should start their own GRAND SALE especially in RAMADAN or they should keep their ass in the commode.GRAND SALE like BLACK FRIDAY has ended monopoly of many hoarders.So they should not intervene between the legacy started by E-Commerce giant DARAZ.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Increasing Security Protocols by VIPs in Karachi

When you are waiting for GREEN Light at traffic signal but after few minutes you realize it will not open until the GOD FATHER of the nation will pass safely towards his destination.Some German shepherd in white dress on their heavy bikes 1st passes to ensure after smelling that no one is their to hunt the BULL DOG sitting in four wheel between the caravan of wolves.

It is daily story of Karachi at busiest route of the city SHAHRAH E FAISAL.Common men has to suffer this before and after office hours.No one has courage to say anything publicly against these bloody VIP Protocol.However if someone tries to protest than he has to pay cost of troubling wild Dog.

Its a fault of Public.They should break signal everytime when they see traffic blockage due to VIPs passing.These few retards can't stop 100s of cars and bikes if they will break these bully by VIPs and their Pets.

Karachi contributed 70% of revenue in all over Pakistan's growth but citizens of this city has to face all this KUTTA PAN of Politicians, feudals elected by few ass holes.

We should do this with each and every VIP what the man did in the below VIDEO.


If every citizen of Karachi aims to STOP these VIP Culture by Blocking the Route whenever they see a VIP Culture passing.So the person sitting in Caravan can feel the pain of traffic jam.Public should burn thier Four Wheel Prado in front of their Security Dogs.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Facilitation of Ambulances

‘Wee-woo- wee woo’, the siren of your ambulance blares. In the backseat, you can notice the accident victim, struggling with every passing moment, dropping in and out of consciousness. You wipe the sweat off your forehead, as you desperately try to weave your way through the thick traffic, which seems to be going on for miles, as if fading into the horizon. You keep honking the horn, hoping against hope, that you will be able to find a breakthrough, from the thick blanket of vehicles, that will allow you to rescue the now unconscious patient, and get him to the hospital, in time. You look behind your shoulder, to peek at the heart rate monitor – what you see is not a pretty sight, as it indicates a rate, constantly on the drop – much like your hopes of saving the patient. And then, just like that, the line on the monitor goes flat; the patient, lying stationary. Another day, where a life succumbed to the helplessness of an ambulance, thanks, to the ever-increasing issues of traffic. A life, that could have been saved, with better management, awareness, empathy, efficiency and patience.
The aforementioned scenario might have been hypothetical in nature, but, is one that is very relatable, especially for ambulances, and patients, who have had the unfortunate experience of being in an ambulance, in the city of Karachi. There are many causes and reasons, most of which are very addressable, that lead to traffic problems within the city, leading to severe consequences, one of which, as mentioned, is the inability of ambulances, carrying severely ill or injured persons, to reach hospitals in time, and, thus, costing precious lives.

According to DR Saeed Minhas, an associate professor of orthopedics at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, “Emergency services and trauma care is neglected all across the world. The lack of infrastructure, knowledge and initiative leave vast tracts of national highways, roadways, hazard zones unattended and under-served in the case of calamities, accidents and disasters.

A study was conducted, which aimed at assessing the outcomes as a result of hospital transfer and delays in trauma patients. This study had a sample size of 978 patients, and spanned across a time period of seven years (1998-2005). It was based on trauma patients presenting to the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, meeting the trauma team activation criteria. Data was collected and entered into a Trauma Registry. The study focused on analyzing the outcomes of injury to delay in definitive treatment and survival.

The results of the study showed, that, out of the 978 patients, only 303 (30.9%), reached the Emergency Room (ER), within an hour. The mean time from injury occurrence to arrival in the ER, was an alarming 4.7 hours.

Long distances over which casualties may have to be transported to reach a medical facility in poorly maintained vehicles, the time taken for patients to reach hospitals and subsequent absence of appropriate equipment and supplies, besides skilled doctors, are some of the reasons behind the high mortality rate due to trauma.”

The main causes for traffic problems include roads that are too narrow to accommodate vehicles, the ever-existent construction works on roads, the existence of VIP culture, and last, but not the least, the eternal hurry and rush in which the people of the ‘city of lights’ find themselves, to reach nowhere.
The motorists and drivers in Karachi, furthermore, are known to be insensitive and callous, and fail to allow passage to emergency vehicles, such as firetrucks, police vans, or ambulances. Most of the motorists complain of the same ‘traffic issues’ as the cause of their denial of passage to ambulances.
However, no excuse is good, or valid enough, when a human life hangs in the balance. Thus, instead of banking on explanations and trying to justify our actions, we need to find, and identify ways through which we can help an ambulance, giving them the rights of passage, even when stuck in traffic. This essay will try and discuss, a few of those.

Firstly, MOVE TO THE LEFT. This is an instruction which, on the face of it, sounds simple, but, unfortunately, is not followed frequently, if at all. Almost all of us can testament to the drama of the reaction of the people, to an approaching ambulance. Instead of giving way, many people stare at the ambulance in complete and utter confusion, as if the blaring sirens of the ambulance give a message they find impossible to decipher, unable to realize the sensitivity of the situation at hand. A traffic controller, if present, does little to contribute; instead, he is just an addition to the extensive list of onlookers and spectators.

People struggle to understand that there is a life, if not multiple lives, at stake. However, this does not happen, primarily due to the awareness, or lack of it, amongst the people. Individuals need to be made mindful, that they should be moving to the left, as soon as they see an ambulance, approaching, or hear its siren, so that the right side can be made free for the ambulance to pass. If you cannot move to the left in a safe manner, simply, slow down, and allow the ambulance to overtake you. People who do not follow this rule should not simply be ignored or sidelined, but rather, informed, and, in some cases, even reported to the authorities.

Secondly, the traffic needs to be brought to a halt. The entire traffic should be stopped, on the left side, until the ambulance has passed through, and, no vehicle should be allowed to move, before that. DO NOT rush to the left side, but slowly and steadily make way for the ambulance. Panic will only result in adding the number of people in the ambulance, something that we do not want, at all.
In such a scenario, we should look out for people who try and use this as situation as an opportunity to overtake other drivers or vehicles. Also, look out for people who try to get behind the ambulance, to make a quick getaway. Such people should be noted, and reported to the traffic police. VIP vehicles should not be exempt either, and they should follow the rule, just like every other citizen. Driving is a privilege granted to you, but, living is a basic right. Do not rob anyone of his or her rights, by putting your privileges ahead of those rights. We cannot just put down the entire burden of responsibility on traffic authorities, as they are nothing but helpless, without the assistance of motorists. A responsible citizen is not only someone who looks to abide by rules, but, also, someone, who reports those who do not.

Most citizens are unaware about the law, which allows ambulances to break the traffic, as well as drive on the wrong side of the road. So, the next time you spot an ambulance behind you, do not think twice before jumping signals, and allowing the ambulance to pass through.
Often, motorists are tentative about jumping signals, fearing the fine that they might incur, consequently. However, the law permits you to break signals, if there is an emergency vehicle behind you. This is something that all drivers should be mindful of.

NEVER, EVER park in front of a parked ambulance. That is, perhaps, the worst thing you can do, as an owner or driver of a vehicle. Often, drivers park in front of ambulances, making it practically impossible for the ambulance driver to carry the patient(s), to the hospital.
If you spot an ambulance being trapped, owing to a parked vehicle, always ensure that such vehicles are reported to the authorities. Stern action should be taken against such irresponsible and careless drivers, and citizens.

To conclude, long term issues such as traffic problems, inadequate roads, and the existence and prevalence of VIP culture, are just that – long term, and, will take years to resolve. However, we, as citizens, should realize our duties, and our responsibilities towards fellow citizens, especially those who are fighting a battle to stay alive. We should use the aforementioned ‘hacks’, alongside other measures, and do whatever we can, to facilitate ambulances, and allow them to function in a smooth and efficient manner.

Written By: Aisha Hanif Akhai

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